Blue Meta Design Agency's 2023 Year in Review

Blue Meta Design Agency: 2023 Year in Review

As our design agency bids farewell to another year, it’s hard to believe how swiftly time has flown. It seems like just yesterday we were toasting to 2022, and now we find ourselves rushing into 2024, brimming with anticipation and perhaps a hint of post-holiday lethargy.

A heartfelt shout-out goes to our extraordinary team, whose dedication made this year nothing short of epic. To our clients, the true architects of our success, we extend a massive THANK YOU! Your unwavering support fuels our drive to push boundaries. Let’s raise a figurative (or real – no judgment) cup to another year of surpassing expectations, because with this unstoppable crew, who needs a time machine?

January, February, March

After a rebrand, a recalibration of their investment strategy, and a year and a half of meticulous design and coding, the Next47 website took flight. Looking back, the site not only met but exceeded every goal set by the firm. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we’ve already completed the annual audit and are elevating the site to new heights.

We extended Next47’s brand into their first content series, Enterprise Founders Playbook: Seed to Series A. Delving into the pivotal questions that early-stage enterprise founders face, the series, featuring invaluable insights from Next47’s CEO, Lak Ananth, is a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Collaborating with Rewind, a program reversing T2 diabetes and obesity-related chronic diseases, we enhanced and polished their Series A pitch deck. Their stellar brand needed a compelling narrative, and we were there to weave the perfect story and showcase their incredible program to investors.

Blue Meta Design creates the website for Venture Capital firm, Next47

April, May, June

Teaming up with Will Ventures, early-stage investors shaping the future of consumer, health, and media, we crafted a stellar pitch deck that encapsulated their vision and market potential, sparking interest from both investors and ambitious startups.

We collaborated with the Cultural Leadership Fund (CLF) team to brand their summer video series, Zone of Genius. Exclusive conversations with cultural leaders across sports, music, and food explored the past, present, and future of these industries, delving into the role of technology in their evolution.

Next47 sought to amplify its presence in the AI industry, culminating in the successful Generative AI Unlocked event. Simultaneously, we contributed to the Summer Kick-off event, exceeding expectations with a 500% increase in anticipated attendance.

Q2 wasn’t just about client projects – we dedicated time to agency development. Through Koble assessments with Jenerosity Partners, we gained insights into our strengths and how to leverage them effectively.

Blue Meta Design Agency end of year recap - CLF Zone of Genius branding

July, August, September

After years of branding work, strategy development, and UX exploration, we unveiled the new Andreessen Horowitz website. Working closely with the Seed and Fintech teams, we crafted a standalone brand while retaining elements of the firm’s identity.

Our collaboration with Mayvenn continued with an additional follow-on investment deck for their successful Series B funding. Additionally, we partnered with a16z to brand the podcast My First 16, offering insights for B2B fintech founders.

Our work with the Kentucky Association for Economic Development involved refreshing their 25-year-old brand and launching a modern website, reflecting the current state of their members and efforts to propel Kentucky forward.

Our founder also attended Fast Company’s Innovation Festival to get inspired and learn not only about new trends within the industry, but also gained immense knowledge in leadership, retention, and career development opportunites for the agency.

Design Agency behind Andreessen Horowitz's website refresh

October, November, December

We created visual assets for Marc Andreessen’s The Techno-Optimist Manifesto, which gained viral traction. In Marc’s piece, he goes into great detail on why we shouldn’t fear AI, but view it as a vital asset for our future.

Next47’s Go-To-Market (GTM) team was busy this quartern. We developed their London office’s first event, OpenSource AI. And we branded the team’s Demystifying Sales event in Palo Alto. Both educational events featured expert speakers and open dialogue.

We also launched the GTM team’s new series, the Enterprise Sales Playbook Series, which uncovers go-to-market strategies that align with the latest industry knowledge from the GTM team at Next47 with expert guest co-authors and founders.

We were also busy with developing end of year custom swag options for the various a16z teams that included tshirts, sweatshirts, pins, tote bags, and more. And we collaborated with the a16z GTM team to brand their holiday party.

On our business side, we implemented new quarterly team outings. First up, we stepped outside the office to spark some inspiration where we unleashed our inner candlemakers at Maddox & Rose Marketplace. Then we (litterally) shook things up with a fun cocktail class.

Blue Meta Design Agency end of year recap - VC event branding

In summary, 2023 brought a blend of significant project wins and valuable business lessons to our design agency. Despite working with fewer clients (a deliberate reduction by 74%), our projects increased by 42%. This allowed us to continue our commitment to agile collaboration, and creative design that pushes and guides our clients in the right direction. If you’re eager to join forces with us, reach out – we love connecting with the trailblazers of tomorrow. Here’s to a remarkable 2023!

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